Corten Steel Plate

Corten Steel Plate

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HNSS-STEEL supply corten steel plate Corten A, Corten B, A588Gr.A, A588Gr.B, A588Gr.C, A588Gr.K, A709Gr50W, S-TEN1, S-TEN2, JIS G3114, SPA-H, SPA-C, CSA G40.21 Grade 350A, 350AT, S355J0W, S355J2WP.

Atmospheric corrosion resistant, high strength steel for short COR-TEN A (Corrosion-tensile steel). This weathering steel has good corrosion resistance by adding Cu, Cr, Ni, P elements.

The Principle of corrosion resistance: COR-TEN contains special elements, after contact with the atmosphere, form a layer of oxide film. This layer of oxide film separates COR-TEN in the outside world, no longer affected by the climate.

Fe+0.502+H2O→Fe(OH)2; 2Fe(OH)2+0.502+H2O→2Fe(OH)3

Main Steel Grades:

A588GrA, A588GrB, A588GrC, A588GrK, A709Gr50W Type A, A709Gr50W Type B, A709Gr50W Type C, Corten A, Corten B, SMA400AP, SMA400BP, SMA400CP, SMA400AW, SMA400BW, SMA400CW, SMA490AP, SMA490BP, SMA490CP, SMA490AW, SMA490BW, SMA490CW, SMA570P, SMA570W, CSA G40.21 Grade 350A, 350AT, 350R, 400A, 400AT, 480A, 480AT, S235JRW, S355JRW, S355J0W, S355J2W, S-TEN2, SPA-C, SPA-H, 09CuPCrNi-A, 09CrCuSb    

Supplementary Requirements

S2. Product Analysis

S3. Simulated Post-Weld Heat Treatment of Mechanical Test Coupons

S5. Charpy V-Notch Impact Test

S6. Drop Weight Test

S8. Ultrasonic Examination in accordance with Specification A435/A435M

S12. Ultrasonic Examination in accordance with Specification A578/A578M

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